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Horse Riding

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Riding helps to build confidence and self-esteem

There is no better way to not dwell on a problem than to work with a horse. If you stay focused, your horse will stay in tune with you. If your mind wanders, so will your horse.
Riding a horse requires you to stand up and take charge. You will become physically and emotionally stronger.
There’s no time in the saddle for fear or anger. While riding, you will learn emotional control techniques which you can apply to your everyday life.
Guiding a horse requires patience which can teach you to use more patience and control in your life.
You will learn forgiveness. Riding teaches you to let the little things go, and to truly appreciate what is really important.
Riding a horse will teach you how to trust. You will be imparting your safety to a large animal and the horse will be trusting you to guide him from the saddle.
You will savor the feeling of accomplishment. Horse-riding requires discipline, but the reward of a job well-done after a ride or maneuver will help build your self-confidence.

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