Blue Water Ranch


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are insured so if anything happen to you or the horse the insurance cover all the expenses.

Yes, we have very gentle horses that you can ride and be comfortable with. All our horses are very well trained and they know how to behave with beginners.

It depends on your riding level. You usually warm up the horse on walk; then, you learn how to trot and eventually to gallop, to do figures, to work on circles. First of all, you learn how to manage a horse, how to use the proper commands to make the horse listen to you. Every time, there is something new to learn from the horse.

Yes, we have more than 50 miles of trails so every time we can do a different one and enjoy a new place.

Sure, the instructor is a professional barrel racer and she will teach you how to ride through the barrels, how to make the best turns around them, and how to manage the horse.

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