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I have loved horses since I was a little girl. My parents did not help me follow my dream, so I decided that when I had some money I was going to ride a horse and take care of this beautiful animal. When I became older, I bought my first horse Indios. He is still with me, but he is old now and is retired. He spends his time in the pasture under the sun all day with my other horses.

Ten years ago I decided to be more competitive and started to try my skill at racing, eventually becoming a professional barrel racer. I love my horses. They provide me with joy and they make my day no matter what.

Currently, I have six horses. They are all very beautiful and gentle and can be ridden by  anyone from beginners to advance riders.

I love to share my love for horses. I am a trainer that believes horses need to learn from you and you have to be a gentle, firm rider. They need to trust you and you need to trust them.


Our Approach

Throughout history, humans and horses have had close relationships. In society today, horses are usually found on ranches or farms where they are ridden for work or for leisure. Horses also serve another important purpose. For disabled people, riding horses can be beneficial with positive therapeutic results. There are many therapies that use horses, including therapeutic horseback riding. These therapies include:



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Come and see how horse-riding can assist you with your life, your state of mind and your overall well-being.


We love horses. This is what we do.

Riding horses helps you build confidence and self-esteem. Our horses are very nice and gentle. Everybody can ride

Beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders are welcome. The trainer is also a professional barrel rider. Call us today. It will be your best experience ever. Come and see what horse-riding can do for you. You will love it!

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